Unpacking the possibilities of GitHub Packages

Publishing to GitHub Packages

Changes to build.gradle

Getting a GitHub token

Creating a GitHub token
./gradlew publish

Adding a GitHub Package as a dependency


Authenticating to GitHub Packages

subl ~/.m2/settings.xml
Environment variable in Travis CI
Changes to .travis.yml

The saga continues — Google Cloud

Using Cloud Key Management Service

gcloud kms keyrings create my-secrets --location global
gcloud kms keys create github-token --location global --keyring my-secrets --purpose encryption
gcloud kms keys list --location global --keyring my-secrets
echo "[GITHUB TOKEN]" > github_token.txt
gcloud kms encrypt \
--plaintext-file=github_token.txt \
--ciphertext-file=github_token.enc.txt \
--location=global \
--keyring=my-secrets \
base64 github_token.enc.txt -w 0 > github_token.enc.64.txt
cat github_token.enc.64.txt

Configuring Cloud Build

Changes to cloudbuild.yml file
Changes to Dockerfiles




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